John Deere 2154 Harvester-John Deer

JCH has multiple 2154’s across 4-5 sites across Tasmania. The 2154 with a Waratah 616 head leads our production capabilities on each coup.

These machines are utilised as highly productive and efficient units which deliver consistency on a production front. The pairing of the 2154 and the 616 Waratah head provide JCH with more power and faster hydraulic response. We find the John Deere 2154 to provide our operators with power, speed, and fuel economy.

John Deere 1910E Forwarder

JCH has multiple 1910E Forwarders that bring finality to the harvesting process in a coupe.

The intelligent boom control is a feature that has received extensive praise allowing for precise grapple actions. JCH has seen operators enjoy the ergonomic environment the 1910E provides with the automatic levelling and rotating functions absorbing the changing topography and challenging changes in environment. The accessible real time data sees JCH identify efficiencies and plan accordingly.

John Deere 2654 Shovel

JCH has worked with suppliers to purpose build machines that will be utilised on challenging and steep topography.

The “shovel” boasts extensive undercarriage and upper frame structures making it a robust and durable option for the works. Longer track frames allow JCH to fully utilise the capabilities on a steep slope, JD Link allows for quick fault detection and corrective action or troubleshooting.

The flexibility of this unit is an immaculate fit with JCH and its operational ethos.

Tigercat L822D Feller Buncher

JCH worked with supplies of equipment to implement this unit into a high volume and continually challenging environment.

The “buncher” is designed for a powerful lift, tight tuck boom in thinning and final felling. It performs within fleet as a highly productive unit with great performance and high efficiency. The steep slope works it undertakes requires a winch assist anchor point and it continually works in conjunction with the Timbermax T14.

Komatsu 895 Forwarder

The Komatsu 895 Forwarder works across coupes to ensure operational consistency when required.

The Komatsu is a reliable and robust machine that facilitates great operator ergonomics. The large bunk and adjustable bolsters provides a productive, high load capacity. The forwarder in combination with MaxiXplore provides us with data production and remote access information.


The implementation of the T-Winch sees further safety and production ability. This unit was viewed in operation in New Zealand and the flexibility and manoeuvrability it provided were unrivalled when applied in a Tasmanian context.

Safety is a deciding factor in the acquisition of this unit, research allowed for the building of confidence in process and extraction of product. The extensive undercarriage facilitates further traction and improved rope winding.

TimberMax T-14

JCH utilises the Timbermax T-14 on challenging terrain where traction assist is required. The Timbermax works in with the L822D Feller buncher to achieve unconventional harvesting outcomes.

The safety this unit provides allows for effortless and meaningful felling with the assurances our operators deserve. This innovative and reliable solution brings flexibility to attached machines, the I-Winch control system effortlessly assists the operator in identifying limits and undesirable situations. JCH have seen many positives from this investment including environmental and soil disturbance improvements while minimising weather and environmental prohibitors.

Waratah HTH 616C harvesting head

The 616 offers an opportunity to harvest different species without investing further in equipment. The flexible nature of this product assures operational consistencies and they are featured on every harvester JCH possess.

Deemed by our operations manager as and optimal companion to the 2154, productivity, reliability, speed, robust nature combined to make the 616 Waratah harvesting head the premium fit for JCH.

Having a consistent product throughout the fleet allows for streamlining our operational processes in parts availability, training and operational maintenance.

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