JCH Harvest is a contractor based in the northern regions of Tasmania. We consistently deliver safe, productive and environmentally conscious harvesting outcomes. We focus heavily on technological innovation, research and development we strive to remain at the forefront of the industry.

A family business that works with individuals and industry to achieve desired personal, business and market outcomes.

Who we are.

JCH is an emerging forest harvest contractor based in the northern regions of Tasmania. We have recruited highly motivated and dedicated people who operate in teams across various locations simultaneously in both NW and NE regions. Our teams maintain harvesting timelines and pride themselves on meeting all best practice obligations. They respond positively to new learning, high order operational consistency/safety expectations and challenging productivity goals. JCH has a clear long term vision around establishing and maintaining a quality workforce. We are in negotiation to employ trainees and have been approached to share aspects of our practice across the industry.

What we do.

We focus vigilantly on research and development to ensure JCH remains at the forefront of the industry. We embrace technological innovation to the point our machines are 100% optimized and systems digitized. We innovate – exampled by our investment in a trip to NZ for observation of high order practice around steep slope strategy and then further investment in machines to execute such works. JCH has introduced machines that are cutting edge in tethered harvesting and extraction. We cater to the needs of wood supply companies in order to utilise consistent and niche markets. We deliver best practice operational services in a first-class safety conscious environment. All our equipment is new, well maintained and our practices ensure minimal downtime and operational inconsistencies. Above all else, we are committed to our team, their welfare and capacity to do their job. We invest significantly in operators work capacity and regularly create team meetings to ensure employees contribute directly as JCH strives to improve productivity.

What we strive to do.

JCH possess core values that dictate our business direction. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding industry compliance/environmental expectations. We pursue the latest technology, then prepare our employees thoroughly to improve capacity to use it. We strive to establish a minimal paper-based operation. We actively seek to establish quality relations with all industry stakeholders. JCH prides itself on being responsive to industry partners striving to meet all expectations in a timely and efficient manner. We are driven to ensure our industry is sustainable and we strongly support relevant initiatives which develop responsible management in an industry that we are deeply passionate about.

JCH Harvest

JCH Harvest | North East – operations
74 Ten Mile Track
Scottsdale tas

JCH Harvest | North WEST
Bass Highway
Wynyard tas


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